Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been trying to do school work but now it’s summer. I have already done a few things that I will get to in just a minute. I have a new video posted on my youtube channel, if you guys don’t already know, it’s epic0217. I will have some more videos up at the end of the week. Today I made some stuff out of duct tape and foam. The first thing I made was a foam sword. It could have come out a lot better. If you guys watch the video of me making it at the end of the week, there are three things for you to remember that I didn’t. DON’T RUSH THROUGH IT. If you rush through making the sword, you will not end up with a good looking one. CUT THE FOAM ACCURATELY. I didn’t cut the foam very well and the hand guard wasn’t quite right. PLACE THE TAPE WISELY. My sword resembled a piece of crap because I didn’t place it right.

Another thing that I made was a TARDIS from Doctor Who. I am using it as a decoration and I could have put another layer of foam in it. It turned out fairly well as a decoration and I meant for it to be a TARDIS stress ball, but it turned out more like a TARDIS sport ball. I guess I can play dodge-TARDIS now. This creation will end up in most of my videos showing up in the background of the frames.

I also made an opening TARDIS and I think it turned out rather well. It has a few rough edges and I could have sized the roof better, but I have an opening TARDIS container now. I will get another fiberglass rod from Tractor Supply Co. next time I make it by there. I will eventually remake the Master sword, but it will not be the next sword I make.

I have a small length of fiberglass that I will use to make a knife. Hopefully it’ll turn out better than my sword did. I  hope you guys enjoy my videos.

Twentieth Post-aversery II

You guys may have been waiting for this for a while, It’s Twentieth Post-aversery. This time I got a couple questions from a person named Yousif.

1. What do you imagine yourself doing  5 years from now?

I imagine I will be living at a different place either going to college or finding something to do for myself.

2. Do any of the job titles in the presentation look like they’d be a good fit for you?

I think that owning a business is the way to go because there is nobody above you in that  business so nobody bosses you around unless they’re being a jerk.

Since I didn’t get many questions I will show this cool video I found.


My next post will be the Twentieth post-aversery II, so I will be taking a break for a few weeks so you can post questions. When I come back, I will answer the questions. If there aren’t any questions, I will have to figure something else out. it may or may not be as interesting. I will be waiting for questions, so please put some in so I can answer them. Post them in the comments.

One step closer

Hey guys, I’m That Guy. I recently got a camera, so I’m one step closer to making that Slenderman short film. I now have a camera for creating youtube videos. I will have to do some revising on my script, though. I will be creating many live action short films. I hope you all enjoy them. I know I will enjoy making them. That is just about all I have to say in this post. It’s getting dangerously close to my second twentieth post-aversery so I need some questions. Please leave them in the comments.

Creepy video series

Last night I saw a really creepy video series about the Slenderman. The videos are fake, but so is the Slenderman. The video was very well put together, but there are a few mistakes. The first one that I saw was pretty darn obvious. The American man from Vermont was played by an Irish man who didn’t even try to hide the accent. That is the only error I can think of at the moment. I thought that the videos were really creepy, and I would definitely watch them again. If you would like to see these videos, then go to youtube, search Slender man Documentary, and the series is the 5 part one. See what errors you can find and post them in the comments on this post, and tell me if you enjoyed the videos.

More spam

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t really post on a schedule last week and the week before. I have gotten a whole lot of spam since last time I posted about it. I have gone through tons of it. I got a whole bunch of purse ads. Now these spambots are really weird  even though I know that the only find different words in the posts. I have gotten countless Michael Korrs spam. I think that the spambots should at least look at the username and figure out the person’s gender because I am tired of getting ads for purses to That GUY.

As I did last time I posted about this, I have gotten lots of  spam about NFL jerseys. Because every single person on the face of the planet likes NFL. Yeah, I want to know how to block comments from websites like that because I get really annoyed at: “your location is valuable to us.” and “your talents would come in handy.”. The spam comments aren’t even using any new posts. I want to know how to keep those spambots from spamming me because that spam just isn’t funny anymore.

Last but not least, there is one website that  spams me by saying something like: “I like your blog, can you check mine out?”. When they do this, they link to some chatting website that is about a ton of random crap. I always think: “because blogs can definitely be forum websites.”. I do make fun of these in my head. Let’s see what you guys can come up with on making fun of these. Have fun with it and post the ways in the comments.

Slow motion internet

I woke up this morning like I usually do. My dad opened the door and said “Good morning”. I said “morning”, as usual. I took the dog out so she could do her business. When I came back inside I turned my computer on. It seemed to be working just fine, until I pulled up Mozilla Firefox. It took a minute to load my homepage and it just went downhill from there. I opened up one of the courses in my OLS screen and it instantly popped the window up. I thought for a second that my computer had decided to be slow for a second. I was very much wrong. When I went to a Class Connect, the connection timed out several times and I had to reconnect, and reconnect, and reconnect. It wasn’t terribly annoying because it didn’t do it as soon as I had connected, but a few minutes after the Class Connect, my internet connection decided to work the way I like it to. I was so annoyed that in my head, I screamed “HOLY CRAP! WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST WORK BEFORE!?”. Instead of saying it out loud, I decided to just take a second, close my eyes, and let out a huge sigh. I am still very glad The internet connection is working now. I think it not working before had something to do with the storm.

Wool Riders

When I was running around with a family relative, I passed by a trailer that had a kids’ activity that I had never seen. It was a wool riding thing. On the side of the trailer, it said WRO Wool Riders Only. You may not yet realize what a wool rider is. I didn’t know what they were or even that they existed until I saw this. My reaction: Hhhmmm, wool riders, what’s a wool ri… THEY’RE RIDING SHEEP!!! When I walked up there, I saw the sheep standing around patiently, waiting for kids to come and ride them. I took pictures with my phone, but unfortunately, I don’t have a micro SD to SD adapter. The wool rider trailer was the funniest thing I had seen all day.

Blogarado costume

At Blogarado I’m not actually dressing up as a Minecraft person with boxes and everything, I will bring minecraft weapons and stuff though. I may or may not post pictures of the costume. I will at least post about Blogarado.

please comment and leave twentieth post-aversery questions in the same place.


Blogarado is a really fun event where you can hang out, shoot guns, and have fun. There are costumes too. Some are not very kid friendly. The one that stood out will not be named. I am going to have an awesome costume this year. because this time I’m going as a minecraft person. If you go to Blogarado, you will get to see what I mean. If not, I will post pictures of me in the costume, because it will be freaking awesome. I will post again soon.