slow mo guys

There is another youtube channel called the slow mo guys. I forgot what the link should be so you guys are going to have to find them on your own. they do a lot of cool and funny stuff. My personal favorite is where they popped the giant water balloon. Have fun watching all the videos.

my randomness

I’m not as random as you think I salad. See what I did there? I’m here on this five to ten minutes to discuss why I post on seemingly random times. First of all I have no sense of timing at all. I can’t figure out how often to post at a time. I also don’t always have enough time to post once a day. I always have stuff to post about like the bra…ums sign. I do post certain things very randomly, but I post in my free time. there are many things I haven’t posted about that I will post about eventually.

aahh, spam

Some comments are completely out of the subject or hard to understand. They are what people usually call spam. I call it either being a smart Alec or being a turd.

So apparently I’m a German women who is also a guy who lives in the US.

I am also needed to make duct tape things  for the NFL store.

I also apparently bought someone lunch instead of telling them about my Chernobyl project recently.

I’m also a one of those people who has a fake name and helps people with their teenagers.

Wow I am interesting.

twentieth post-aversity

I guess it’s time to answer some questions, I didn’t get as many as I thought I would, so it’ll be a short post.

Evyl Robot Michael says: The question I have is this – do you know what the Cold War was?

The cold war was a period of tension between the US and the USSR.

Evyl Robot Michael also says: So, did you go and find out what happened in Baku in 1990?

No I didn’t, but I will do research on it.

Sorry if your question didn’t come through, please put in more questions next time.


The other day I was looking out the car window as my mom and dad were talking to each other and I saw the funniest light up sign fail. First of all, not all of you maybe familiar with Braums(the spell check sure isn’t). It’s an ice cream/ fast food place, with tasty milk shakes. It’s also part grocery store. Braums has been around all my life. I like the ice cream, and the milk shakes. The food is okay, but what I like the most is the fails. This fail is so epic I had to write a blog post about it and explain what the heck Braums is because it isn’t in all 50 states. if you are ready to know about the epic fail, read on, but if you need a moment to ready yourself for the awesomest(I know awesomest isn’t a word) fail, so be it. Are you ready? Here it is: some of the lights were burnt out on the light up sign so it said Bra. I think that it is hilarious and it would make a good fail pic, but it isn’t as funny as the one fail pic where there was a place called Donut Dip, and letters on the sign were out so it said nut Dip.

leave twentieth post-aversity questions in the comments, and share funny fails you have seen or have been told about.

when I get to 20 posts

Every 20 posts I think I will answer questions by the people who have commented them. So post a bunch of questions in the comment section. Sort of talk to you soon.

P.S. the questions can be about anything. Examples: Do I like bacon? Why is my hair so long in the pictures at the top? Do I think annoying orange is funny? Why are fail videos so funny? Do you like video games? Do you build with legos? What are your favorite youtube channels? What is your favorite kind of movie? Why Intelligent Trousers? Do you have a facebook? Do you have a lego profile? Do you draw well? ect.


Sorry I haven’t made any long posts. I guess I just wanted to share things I found on youtube. I will still embed videos on my blog, but I’ll talk more about what I think about them and the posts will be less of blurbs. Hopefully everyone will find that what I have to say is interesting.