Duct tape, The worlds most useful thing.

Who would have thought that a certain kind of tape would be used so often. I have used my duct tape a lot. I made a wallet, phone holster, miniature working boat, fedora, and I’m making a flower, all out of duct tape. I have seen cases where people have made shoes out of duct tape. There are tons of uses for it. I don’t think it can fix everything, but it can fix a lot of things. It isn’t  the perfect solution to everything but it is a solution to a bunch of things. I think it is the most commonly used tape in the US. It can do so many things that you can’t do with regular tape. It is stronger, thicker, and waterproof. It’s also extremely fun to make stuff with and it is a good source for entertainment. Duct tape is awesome.

leave twentieth post-aversity questions in the comments and share what cool things you may have made with duct tape. I will have the twentieth post-aversity up by Friday afternoon, so enter in questions by then.