Back Story of My MLP:FiM OC

If you are not currently aware, I am a fan of the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It is a fairly well written show and a growing fanbase full of people from all walks of life. I got into the show via one of my dad’s customers from when he was still making holsters. My dad and I watched the first episode, and it really wasn’t bad. Fast forward a few years and here I am, part of the now huge fanbase and owning and/or helping manage various Facebook groups based off of the show. This also spawned me making OC’s(Original Characters) based off of the show. Currently, my main OC is Sprocket, a female unicorn with grey fur, a brown mane and tail, and bright green eyes. She also has two robotic legs. And an implant in her right eye. And several replacements for links in her spine. Yeah, I have not been kind to her in some of the roleplays and stories… Anyway, this post is about her rather lengthy story, not me talking about getting into the Brony fandom. A fair warning, this story is quite a bit more violent than the My Little Pony everyone knows. That being said, please enjoy.

Sometime in the future, long after humans have either left Earth or wiped themselves out, ponies have become the dominant species. They harness new abilities such as flight and magic. They are intelligent enough to speak and interact. They know how to create, and they know how to destroy. As with any fully sentient creature, turmoil is inevitable. This is the story of a mare who helps end a war.

In Canterlot, Equestria, Earth, year A.A.D. 3042, a unicorn filly was born. The birth was average for the time, the pony healthy. She had brilliant green eyes that almost seemed to emanate with hope when she opened them. The family was a happy one for a time, until the event happened.

The family had been doing well for a few years. One day, the father had gotten fired from his job. He grew depressed and took to drinking. At some point, the stallion started administering death threats to the filly’s mother when the two had assumed she was asleep. The threats were always empty, though. The filly learned to sleep through the loud fights, hoping to be able to go to her school without being deprived of her rest.

One day, the filly came home hearing her father drunkenly apologize profusely to her mother from in the kitchen. The filly walked in to see her mother on the floor in a pool of her own blood, her body lifeless and limp. She looked up to see her father holding a bloody knife in which he likely used to stab her. The knife looked thick and pointy with a serrated edge. It was dripping with her mother’s blood.

Her father looked up at her eyes, “I-I didn’t mean to! I swear!”

The filly stepped back in shock, seeing her now dead mother laying and her father holding the bloody knife.

“What? You don’t believe me? Well, I can’t have you reporting me… I’m sorry…” Her father started stumbling toward her as if trying to move quickly, something he hadn’t done in a long time.

The filly ran out of the house, quickly losing her drunken father attempting to navigate the house quickly. She ran out and to her uncle’s home. Tagger Flore, the filly’s uncle had taught her about blunt and bladed weapons and worked her to the point that she could accurately use them. The two loaded many weapons into the storage on Tagger’s shuttle and took off away from Earth. They went far away, landing on a planet just outside the solar system with many villages and towns.

The shuttle lowered into atmosphere and landed in an empty area miles away from a village or town. They left the shuttle and started walking in the direction of the nearest town. After a few miles, the filly’s father ran up from behind, slicing off the front right leg from her uncle. Tagger’s eyes widened in shock as he starred at the earth stallion for a few moments before he fell limp to the ground, likely unconscious from the quick blood loss.

Her father turned to look at her, “Now that he’s outta the way… I can deal with you… You little brat…”

The filly backed up, but was stopped by something big and hard.

“Heh… rocks, right? Always getting in the way and making things shorter… less interesting…” The stallion smiled as he remarked in an unsettling tone.

The filly whimpered as she cowered at the now towering and threatening figure of her father.

He looked down at her, “You know, I liked you. I never wanted to kill you. But things worked out that way. You’re my only daughter so far. Maybe my next one won’t report me if I’m too drunk to know how much pressure I’m putting on my wife with a knife. Better yet, I won’t be drunk. Sorry, kid… It’s my fault, but you’re going to die. Maybe I’ll give myself a reason to kill you. I’ll make you fight.”

The stallion lunged forward and pinned the filly against the rock, raising the knife above her front left leg, ready to cut. Suddenly, the knife looked about ten times bigger than it was when the stallion was holding it above her mother. He lowered it and began to vigorously saw at it. First, she felt extreme burning pain. Then, the adrenaline kicked in, everything slowed down, she watched her blood slowly splatter from the new wound in her shoulder toward her father’s face. She knew her strength, speed, and reflex time had now improved greatly for a few moments as she watched her father saw through her leg. She was intent on using the moment to try and get out of the situation. She watched her back right leg slowly move upward and make contact with her father’s midsection as everything sped back up to real time. Her father recoiled, ripping off what was left hanging on her leg, causing her to let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Her father coughed, “Oh, looks like we’ve decided which leg is next…”

He jumped forward to her again, pinning her down where she could fight back as he started sawing into her back right leg. This time, there was no adrenaline rush. Her vision narrowed slowly until everything went black. She had passed out from her blood loss. Somehow, she had lasted longer than Tagger, but not by much. In her unconsciousness, she wondered if her father had thought she was dead. Maybe she got away if somepony found her and her uncle in an unlikely stroll out into the desert.

The filly awoke in what looked to be a hospital bed. She looked down at herself to see two robotic limbs in place of the others that had been sliced off. They still hurt, but much less than when they were being cut. She read a number that was engraved on her front left leg: 142. She noticed something else different. Her vision had somewhat improved. She had depth perception. The thought occurred to her that she likely had an implant or replacement for her right eye, which had been blind since she was born. She hoped she didn’t look too mechanical in that aspect.

The filly turned and got off the bed, looking into a mirror to see her face, her right eye looking nearly exactly as it always had, bright green. She didn’t see any milky grey coloration in her pupil that the scarring would’ve created, but when she looked in the mirror at some angles, she noticed a small circle glinting. She had an eye implant, but it was small. She thought and zoomed in on the mirror, confirming the implant theory. She zoomed out and stepped out the door to see the lobby of the hospital with many ponies with injuries awaiting service, a few gave her sympathetic looks.

She looked toward the front door of he hospital to see Tagger hastily leaving the building. She tried to run and follow him, but her metal legs wouldn’t move fast enough. She barely broke a jogging pace trying to follow the pegasus out of the building. When she made it out, she caught Tagger flying away and shortly taking off in his shuttle and leaving her on the planet. She looked down at her hooves, shedding a few tears before noticing a few scratches in a door on her leg. The scratches were in the shape of a flail, Tagger’s favorite blunt weapon. She opened the door and levitated out a note from the pony.

“Hey there. I know it seems pretty awful of me to leave you here, but I don’t know the first thing about taking care of a newborn filly. Much less one your age. But in ten years to the day, I’ll be back. There’s a manual day counter on your front left leg. Add one day to that every day. In ten years, I’ll be there to see you. Make me proud.

Love, Tagger.”

The filly folded the note back up, putting it back in the door and closing it. She then set off, wondering what she would do.

Five years passed by. The filly had accepted the designation 142, as she didn’t know what else she would be called. She had mentally blocked her memories of anything before waking up in the hospital room with a magic spell, but she still got flashes of moments from her past. A bloody dripping knife here, or a warm smile from a mare there. 142 had gotten good with mechanical devices and machinery and was one of the more well known repair ponies in her town. She would take trashed objects from the junk yard and repair them, selling them in her shop. Sometimes she would get a customer coming in, asking for their cybernetic replacements to be repaired.

One day, she was using a small tool on a pocket watch she found in the scrap yard. It was the first timepiece she had worked on and she thought she had almost gotten it fixed when 156 popped in.

“Hey here. You at a good time to put that down?” The pegasus with a cybernetic wing asked.

142 jumped a bit, dropping the pocket watch and the tool and watching the parts fall out over the floor, “Well, I am now… I was working for most of the week on that…”

“Oops, sorry about that… Didn’t mean to break your concentration…” The pegasus replied sympathetically.

She looked at him, “Hey, I can’t get mad at you, and you know that.”

156 looked at her and smiled, “Time to fly?”

“Time to fly.” 142 smiled back and replied.

The two quickly walked, as many had discovered this method on foot was faster than attempting an actual run. The two stopped when clear of the buildings and stood on their hind legs. 156 wrapped his front legs around 142 and began to take off. His right wing flapped and the thrusters on his left wing fired, lifting the two up slowly at first, then lifting them high into the sky. They reached a point above the clouds where the depressing dark red light changed to a golden white light with a pink sky. The two could see each other’s true colors in this light. 142 closed her eyes and felt the wind as they soared over the many clouds over the surface.

After a few hours of flight, evening had come and 156 landed near a metal refinery  in their town. They talked for a while about their own lives and about each others while making their way through the refinery. Finally, a half joking question came from the mouth of 156. 142 playfully pushed his shoulder, but didn’t take note of how much strength the leg had, therefore pushing him into the funnel of one of the melting chambers of the refinery.

The mare jumped toward him, grabbing his hoof with her natural one in the front. She desperately tried to fix her mistake and get him out, but wasn’t strong enough. Her metal hoof wouldn’t do any good as it could only grab metal objects and 156’s legs were all natural.

156 looked at 142, “It’s okay. It’s not your fault… just let go, I don’t want you to fall in, too…”

“No! I’m not letting go! I have to get you out of here!” She desperately tried to pull him out.

156 sighed and raised his other natural hoof, hitting 142’s and making her let go. She backed up, looked down and began to cry as 156 slid down the funnel, falling into the molten metal and going up in flames with a quick death. 142 sat there crying in the refinery for a few minutes before an employee came in and tried to comfort her, assuring her that accidents like those were not uncommon. 142 went home silently, shutting everything out for the night.

The next two years went by on autopilot. 142 would repair devices and sell them, also repairing customers’ devices and replacements. She would use the bits she made to buy the basics to keep herself alive. She never forgot to add to her day counter, though. She always remembered that. She didn’t know why, though. She just added to it for some reason. She didn’t remember the reason, she just knew it was something personal.

142 had been having a slow week. She hadn’t gotten any customers, so she had just been staring at her counter, half hoping somepony would come in for something. she had tuned out all sounds before she was startled by a white hoof setting a metal joint down on her counter, but this wasn’t just any joint. This was the custom joint that 156 would use on his wing. 142’s eyes widened as she looked up at a white unicorn looking at her.

“Hey… I know you and 156 were close… So I thought you might want to have one of his spare  wing joints…” The unicorn stallion  smiled at her kindly.

The stallion started to say something else before 142 jumped over her counter and hugged the stallion. She read the number on his back right leg: 134. 134 had no job until he met 142. The two were both good with machinery, so 134 just somewhat started working with 142 in her shop. 142 finally cleaned the pocket watch parts from the floor and put it back together in honor of 156, setting it in a display case above the counter next to the joint that was given to her.

Two more happy years past before one day, when 142 was working on a device of her own creation. This would move indefinitely as long as maintenance was performed on it. It was designed to wind an average manual or automatic watch within 30 seconds. There was a control to turn the movement on or off. When the last screw was tightened, 142 noticed a glow shining on the device coming from behind her. She turned her head around to see the glow fading on what appeared to be a cutie mark.

On this planet, cutie marks were rare, so when a pony got one, it was a big deal. 142 now had one and was ecstatic about it. She burst into the back, showing 134 her mark and hugging him, as they happily embraced each other.

The next year had gone by fast as 142 and 134 had gone to separate shops, but still kept in contact. 142 woke up exactly ten years after she woke up in the hospital as a filly. She set her day counter to its final day: 3650. She walked out of town that day for an unknown reason. She had packed her tools in the compartments in her legs as if she were leaving. She walked miles into a desert before she looked at a large rock, having a few flashes of violent memories. She shook her head and moved on.

She got to a point with a flashing marker and looked up at the sky above. The day was a surprisingly clear day, as the sky was usually full of red clouds that distorted the color of the light. 142 saw something in the sky she hadn’t ever seen before. It was obviously a large object, and it looked to be getting bigger. It was a star ship. And it was getting closer to the surface. 142 turned and ran so the ship wouldn’t land on top of her. The ship touched down, its landing gear sending a huge amount of dust flying in every direction, knocking the mare over and burying her in a thin layer of sand.

142 stood up from the sand, “I knew our world was quickly dying, but I thought it was because of it’s destabilizing core… not aliens…”

She turned to look at the ship. The side read “Samaritan” in a language she could actually read. She watched a hatch open toward the rear of the ship and saw three ponies walk out. She was confused, but felt oddly drawn to them. She got closer and saw a white alicorn with a blue mane and tail. The realization suddenly struck her. She was looking at Insane Drop, one of the most well known members of the New Lunar Republic, who had participated in many missions to free ponies from the Solar Empire. To the alicorn’s left was a pegasus stallion with a replaced front right leg. A flash of a front right leg being quickly sliced off came for a moment. 142 shook her head as the blue pegasus to Drop’s right pointed at her.

“Hey, Drop!” The pegasus alerted the alicorn as he pointed a gun at 142.

“Don’t shoot a pony who hasn’t done anything to threaten us yet…” The alicorn replied, calmly.

“Sorry, sir.” The pegasus put his gun away.

“And would you stop calling me sir? I may be higher rank than you, but that doesn’t mean I want you to call me that.” he turned to look at 142, “Hey, what’s your name?”

142 felt nervous due to the most well known alicorn aside from the princesses had directly addressed her, “I-I don’t… I don’t know…”

Drop kindly smiled at her, “That’s okay. Well, I’m Insane Drop. Don’t under any circumstance call me Insane, please. It’s just Drop.” he gestured toward the pegasus now looking at her to his left that gave her flashes of a memory. This is Tagger Flore. We just call him Tagger.” He gestured at the other pegasus. “And this stallion we need to teach gun safety to is Star Gazer.”

She knew she recognized Tagger from somewhere, but she had no idea where.

Tagger finally spoke up, “Are there more of you on this planet?”

Evidently, Tagger didn’t remember where they had known each other either. 142 gestured toward her town and started walking in the direction as the three followed her in. When they reached the town, ponies walked out and looked at 142 leading Drop, Tagger, and Star to the center of town. The head of town explained to Drop that the planet was dying and asked him if he could do anything about it. Ponies began to pay Drop in shock crystals, a common power source, but at a point, Drop refused any further payment, claiming that it was infinitely more than enough. He sent a pulse into the sky that streaked across the area. More clouds formed, but these clouds were a pure grey. The clouds rained heavily, 142 had never seen this much rain before from what she could remember. It was cool and refreshing. The sand washed off of her as she tilted her head upward, closing her eyes and feeling the cold water sprinkle on her.

Hours later, the three had loaded up the shock crystals onto the ship and given their final goodbyes to the town and were getting on the ship.

142 ran up behind as they were walking up the ramp of the hatch, “WAIT!”

Drop stopped and turned as the other two followed suit.

“I just… know how much of a hero you are… and I want to be a hero like you…” she swallowed a lump in her throat, “Would you please take me with you so I can be?”

Drop gave a warm smile and gestured for her to come along as she excitedly followed the three onto the ship. The three went to the bridge as she was guided to the recreational room of the ship. She waited for a while and began to become restless when Drop rejoined her.

“So, remember your name yet?” Drop asked her.

“No… I don’t even remember having a name…” She replied.

Drop looked at her, “Hmm… that seems odd… What do they call you?”

She replied again, “Most ponies call me 142, because that’s the number engraved on my cybernetics…”

Drop frowned a bit, “Well I don’t want to call you by a number… How about we give you a name? You like working with machinery and other mechanical devices, right? How about we call you Sprocket?”

She smiled, “I like that. That can be my name…”

So Sprocket went on and proceeded to the next chapter of her life with a new name, an new friends.

Really awesome dream

I had a dream the other day that I kind of have to share. It took place in the future. It began with me waking up in a jail, I had no idea why I was there, but I was. I had an earpiece in my ear, “Good you’re awake.” a voice said from the earpiece.

I looked around for a second, “Who is this?” I asked.

The voice said “I cannot say my name right now, but you will figure it out soon enough.”

I looked around again, “How did I get here?” I asked.

” Wow, you must have hit your head pretty hard.” the voice said, “During an assignment-”

I interrupted “Assignment? Am I like some sort of bounty hunter or something?”.

The voice answered “In a sense, but you aren’t hunting for people. you’re keeping most of them hidden.

“Well, looks like I won’t be doing that for at least a few weeks.” I said.

The voice replied “You really don’t remember how this works, do you?”

A guard walked out and pressed a button, all of the jail doors opened. He called out “Lunch, eat it while you can.

I followed the crowd to the mess hall. I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do in a jail other than not get on anyone’s bad side. I grabbed my tray and sat  alone.

The voice said “You really want this for weeks to years?”

“No, is there a way I can bypass the time?” I asked.

A fire broke out in the mess hall, the sirens started.

The voice now on the intercom said “Emergency, all inmates evacuate the area.”

Everyone ran for the exit, but the voice directed me through the jail in my earpiece again. Avoiding the guards was the hardest part and yet it was easy.

“Stop right there!” a guard said.

We were all directed back to the mess hall, when we finished lunch, we were directed to our cells.

In a quieter voice, I said “It didn’t work. Do you have another plan?”

Another inmate had gotten hold of a book of matches. He lit one and destroyed the control panel on all of the cells. they all opened, luckily there were no guards around. The inmate was apparently very smart because he got everyone to be very quiet.

He found me and said quietly “Hey, I’m your back up plan.”

I silently went through the halls and corridors. I didn’t have to avoid guards this time because they had assumed that all the inmates were asleep.

The voice told me “Go straight ahead and you should find a very thick door, I’ll work on unlocking it while you walk there.”

I said “Okay but make it quick, I see the door right now.”

I slowly and silently walked up to the door. In the hope that the person unlocked it, I turned the huge ring shaped handle. It opened, groaning I tried to keep the door as quiet as possible by opening it extremely slowly.

“Alright, look for the gun that’s different from all the others.” said the voice.

I picked the gun up. It seemed strangely familiar, but I didn’t have time to think about it. Two guards started walking up to the armory.

The voice explained “In primary fire mode, your gun is like a standard Full auto weapon, I’ll explain the rest in a little bit. You need to take care of a couple of guards.”

I walked over to where they couldn’t see me when they came in.

When they walked over into the Vault like room I said “I’m sorry, am I interrupting something?”

I raised my gun and pulled the trigger on the first guard. his helmet was knocked off revealing that he was a robot. I took the stock of my gun and bashed it’s head off. It wasn’t the best idea I had that day.

“Take that ya’ stinkin’ machine!” I yelled.

The other one raised his gun into firing position as I did a somersault, pointed my gun at him and fired. I got a few shots off right into his face.

“Robots, zero. Me, two.” I said as I walked out of the armory.

There were a bunch of guards when I walked out, I quickly went back in and locked the door behind me.

“Okay, no time to explain. Use secondary fire!” the voice yelled.

I switched modes on my gun and opened the door. I fired, a red glowing sphere pushed itself out of my gun’s muzzle. It hit the ground. For a second, nothing happened. Then it exploded. We were knocked in all directions. I hit the least soft spot, The armory door. I was slammed against the circular iron door. strangely, I was the only one that survived.

“So that’s secondary fire.” I said.

The voice laughed and said “You should move on.”

I stealthily made my way through the jail until I found an exit.

“Okay, the extent of Guards on the inside of the walls is a team of snipers.” said the voice.

I saw that it was now dawn. I didn’t realize I had been up all night. I ran to the side of the wall trying to avoid the view of the guards and their rifles. I found a metal door. I tried to turn the handle but it was locked.

The voice told me “there is an unlocked door on the other side of the jail, but you’ll have to risk your life to get there.”

“Dang it! I wish you would tell me these things earlier.” I replied.

I took my gun and slammed the stock into the door. It broke the mechanism inside causing the door to open as the voice was telling me there was no shortcut.

“I just made one!” I yelled at the voice.

The voice said ” Oh, I didn’t think of that.”

I ran up the spiral staircase. I turned off my earpiece because the voice was starting to go on and on. When I reached the top I picked a knife off of the floor and stabbed him with it.

I said “Hey buddy, you dropped this.”

it didn’t occur to me that he was a robot until he turned around and hit me in the chest with his gun. I got up coughing.

I said “Oh, you want to play like that?”

I smacked my stock into his face. His helmet came off. I grabbed his rifle and threw him off the tower head first. I used the rifle to take care of two of the other snipers and walked over to where I could shoot the last one. He spotted me and surrendered. he gave me a high tech suit of armor he called a RIG. I didn’t know what RIG stood for, but I could now easily navigate due to the helmet, I could take a few hits, and I was disguised as a guard. My new found ally and I walked out of the facility without having to have more trouble.

one guard told me to be on the lookout for, well, me.

I turned my earpiece back on again and said “Are you done rambling?”

The voice was clearly annoyed “Yeah, and I thought you were dead.”

“Well no need to worry anymore.” I said humorously.

“No need? There are two guards dragging you!” the voice said.

“No there aren’t. I’m disguised as a guard. I’m not going to get caught.” I said.

The voice said “Not by a guard.”

Just then, a guard shorter than the rest grabbed my arm and pulled me to the side.

“Do you realize how much trouble you almost got yourself into?” the guard asked.

“Do you realize you are different from all the other guards?” I asked jokingly.

The guard took off it’s helmet, but it turned out to be a she. she looked as me with an almost hypnotic stare.

“Do you remember me?” she asked.

“no but you sound like the voice.” I answered.

“We had never met had we?” she said smiling.

“What?” I asked because it seemed silly for her to ask me if I had met her before I had lost my memories.

She put her helmet on and said “Let’s go.”

“1135, come on.” I said to my robo-friend.

the three of us walked out of the jail and split up. I walked to a house that I figured was where I needed to go. When I walked in, the person had a gun to my head. I set my gun down and took my helmet off. When he saw that it was me, he put his gun down and started going through his stuff. He pulled out a USB drive.

“What’s on it?” I asked.

“The future.” he replied.

“What exactly is on this drive?” I asked in a slightly more threatening tone.

“I cannot tell you quite yet.” he said smiling.

I stuffed the thing into my pocket and started out of the house grabbing my gun and helmet. I somehow knew where I needed to go.

I walked up to another guard and said “I need the keys to one of the jeeps.”

He just held them out and escorted me to one of them. I got the red one, of course. I decided not to take my helmet off and destroy the robot because if I revealed myself, I would be very easy to find. I drove off. I used my RIG navigation system to get me to the place I needed to get. I walked to an input center. there were tens of thousands USB ports everywhere. I stuck my drive into one of the ports and the lights on the ceiling lit up blue.

“Blast fall cannon production started.” a mechanical voice stated.

I sighed in relief and said “Good, now I can go home and-”

“Lock-down sequence initiated.” the voice interrupted.

“Dang it! Abort lock-down!” I yelled.

“Invalid command.” explained the computer generated voice.

“Shut down Lock-down initialization!” I called out.

“Invalid command.” the computer stated again.

I ran out of the factory just slipping under the last door. When I got back up, I saw the jail guards, all of them. I knew I couldn’t take that many guards at once so I just put my hands up and let them take me back to jail.

When I was in my cell siting on the bed, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. he wasn’t a guard. he wasn’t even wearing a RIG. He was a tall man wearing a suit. He walked up to my cell.

“You’ve got talent, kid.” he said.

I was sitting there looking down at the floor as he gave me the complement.

Not really conscious, I replied “Been at it for a while.”

He threw a familiar looking RIG onto the floor in front of me. I didn’t realize that the jail door was open.

I leaned back onto the wall and said “Why did I ever rope myself into this assignment?”

“I don’t know, but I do know how you can clear your name.” he said as he sat down next to me “I also know that you know in what way I’m talking about.”

I sighed and looked down at the RIG, then up at the man.

“Make your decision, keep it up living here, or get out and actually make a difference.” He said.

The man said “I’ll be in the mess hall.”

I was left siting there, with a choice. Stay here for the rest of my life, or clear my name and actually help people. I looked around and saw the other people. I remembered that I had ‘helped’ them before. I realized that what I had done was just putting a delay on when they went to jail.

I looked down at the RIG and picked it up. It was silver with red paint streaks on it. It was beat up. Probably from my last assignment. I put it on, it fit perfectly. I remembered that it had been custom made. I walked down through the hall to the mess hall. I saw the man sitting at a table cleaning my gun.

I said “I’ve made my choice.”

The man handed me my gun and said “Welcome back.”

As we walked though the hall, he filled me in on this assignment. I only half listened because I knew what I needed to do. I walked up to the red jeep and got in. I drove over to the factory that I activated the production of the cannon  at. I got out with my gun and walked over to the door keypad.

“Open.” I said.

“Command not accepted.” said the keypad.

“Disengage bolts.” I said.

“Unable to complete task. Lock-down mode active.” the keypad replied.

I got into shooting position and shot into the keypad, and the doors opened. I walked in and looked at the production of the blast fall cannon. Apparently, the factory was serious when it went into lock-down mode because it had created robots with guns to guard the building. I picked my gun up and shot at the first one I saw.

“Security compromised.” a robot said as it opened fire.

Luckily, my RIG was bullet-proof. I rolled over and shot the robot straight through the head and into the one behind it. Both robots fell instantly. One attacked from behind me and I dropped my gun. I was in a head lock. I grabbed the machine’s arms and leaned forward hard. The thing slammed into the ground and shattered. The robots weren’t terribly tough, but there were a lot of them. I finished my attack on the robot army by switching my gun to full auto and sprayed into the crowd. they all fell. I knew it would be difficult to stop the factory with primary fire so I switched to secondary and started to scout around. I looked through the factory until I saw the core. It was a large glass bulb with red waves flowing through it. I thought it looked like a giant plasma ball light. I aimed my gun and fired straight into the middle. The bulb shattered and a huge explosion took place inside the factory. I flew up, and my gun blew out of my hand. I blacked out and had no idea how bad that idea was.

“Is he going to be alright?” I faintly heard.

I groaned and opened my eyes. I looked around as many people gathered around me and helped me up. Apparently, I had became famous in the last few minutes. I wasn’t moving very fast due to every part of my body screaming in pain. I was starting to become more aware of my surroundings when everyone cleared.

The man walked up to me and said “Congratulations, you’ve successfully finished your first mission from me. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just in extreme pain. Do you know where my gun ended up?” I said.

He replied “No, I’m sorry it’s just-”

he fell silent as my gun fell from the sky at an extreme speed and landed in front of me.

“Wow” I said “I almost died.”

I picked my gun up and put the sling on my shoulder.

“I have another assignment for you. Take it when you’re not in pain.” said the man.

That’s when I woke up.

N.O.V.A. 2 the Half Life of android devices

I recently got an app on my Kindle Fire, and it was the coolest first person shooter I had ever played. N.O.V.A. 2 is a first person game where you have tons of guns to have fun with. N.O.V.A. stands for near orbit vanguard alliance. The first mode is single player, where the storyline is about escaping the government which is apparently working with aliens. I think there is eventually a level where you get to kill tons of aliens, I look forward to that level. In multiplayer mode you can play with friends or with people worldwide. You can unleash your destructive side by killing every one in sight, you can be like people in team fortress 2 and kill all the people in the other team, you can play freeze tag using guns to stop people in their tracks, or you can play a… not so classic version of capture the flag. There are a LOT of weapons and more ways to use them. I give this app a ten out of ten.

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COGS was a lot of fun and I’m so shooting the fifty caliber rifle next year if it’s there. I regret not doing it, because how many people have the pleasure of saying ”I shot a fifty cal”? Well, not me yet.