Three more chances

Counting this post There are only three more chances to enter in your questions and I post a lot when I post. I will have the other blog posts in by next week, so if you want your question for me answered, then the deadline is coming soon. In the warning posts I will have a frequently asked questions section, but I haven’t had any FAQs yet so I guess I’ll use not frequently asked questions.


What if I think of my question right after the twentieth post is posted?

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask the question, if you can’t ask your question in time, wait for the next twentieth  post-aversity.

What if my question isn’t answered?

All questions will be answered no matter how many are posted, so go ahead and ask a question. I promise it will be answered.

what kind of questions do you answer?

I answer all kinds of questions, so don’t limit yourself to one kind of question.

What if I have more than one question?

Go ahead ask more than one question! I am completely fine with answering more than one question from the same person.

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Super Mario Galaxy review

Hey guys, time for another review, but this time it’s on something extremely popular. Super Mario Galaxy is a video game that has many realistic things… other than all the concepts. I really like the way the water looks because it looks like real water unless your in it. The storyline is really awesome, unlike the other Mario games where Bowser kidnaps the princess for some odd reason. He violently invites her to the creation of a new galaxy in the center of the universe and brings her and the castle into space to see it. Mario then plays hide and seek with star shaped creatures called lumas. when Mario catches the last luma, he meets princess Rosalina, who gives him a luma so he can travel through the universe by spinning on star shaped objects called sling stars and launch stars. There is a two player mode that isn’t as good as the other Mario games where two people can play at the same time, but I guess it’s okay. In two player mode the second player collects money, freezes enemies and can make Mario jump. Most of the enemies are annoying, there is the: Goomba, bullet bill, little awkward looking Goomba things that come in pink and blue, Koopas, and magic Koopas. There are fat lumas that  are holding wands in each hand, and if you feed them, they commit suicide by exploding and turning into galaxies. Over all I think the people who made the game were either Japanese or on drugs, or quite possibly both. Even though the game is frustrating at times it is a good one. In a one to ten rating I give it a ten, so that is five stars.

when I get to 20 posts

Every 20 posts I think I will answer questions by the people who have commented them. So post a bunch of questions in the comment section. Sort of talk to you soon.

P.S. the questions can be about anything. Examples: Do I like bacon? Why is my hair so long in the pictures at the top? Do I think annoying orange is funny? Why are fail videos so funny? Do you like video games? Do you build with legos? What are your favorite youtube channels? What is your favorite kind of movie? Why Intelligent Trousers? Do you have a facebook? Do you have a lego profile? Do you draw well? ect.


Chernobyl seems to be way more interesting than you would think. Before the accident, Chernobyl was a social center. Chernobyl is a Ukrainian word for mugwort, a very common name for an herbaceous plant. In the 1500s the city was a crown village of Lithuania’s Grand Ducy. The city of Chernobyl was part of Poland. The nuclear reactor was put in by the government in 1977. Chernobyl was a poorly designed and poorly put together nuclear reactor in the first place. The meltdown was caused by tests to see how long the reactor would work if an accidental shut down occurred. The safety mechanisms were turned off and the reactor shut down for real. The radioactive materials grew in temperature and soon exploded. 31 were killed in the initial explosion and many more died from radiation poisoning. People die every day because of what happened in the nuclear reactor. The final death toll isn’t known and might not ever be. What once was known as a social center is now known as a ghost town. Many strange things have happened like strange mutations and the red forest.

People (specifically the elderly) have moved back to their old houses because they would rather die of radiation poisoning than of homesickness.
There’s an alternative etymology that Chernobyl was named after a combination of words chornyi and byllia, which literally mean “black grass” or “black stalks”. In 1569, the province housing Chernobyl became part of the Kingdom of Poland. When Russia, Prussia, and Austria dissolved Poland through a series of partitions, Chernobyl became a part of the Russian Empire in 1793. In the last half of the 18th century, Chernobyl became a major center of Hasidic Judaism; however, the Jewish population suffered greatly in the early 1900s when many Jews were killed by the Black Hundreds, an ultra-nationalist movement in Russia. In the Polish-Soviet War of 1919–1920, the city was taken first by the Polish Army, and then by the Red Army. Chernobyl was incorporated into the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1921. The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was commissioned by the government in 1977.

The unit 4 reactor was to be shut down for routine maintenance on the 25 of April 1986. It was decided to take advantage of this shutdown to determine whether, in the event of a loss of station power, the slowing turbine could provide enough electrical power to operate the main core cooling water circulating pumps, until the diesel emergency power supply became operative. The aim of this test was to determine whether cooling of the core could continue to be ensured in the event of a loss of power. Adequate coolant circulation following completion of the test was ensured by arranging power supplies to four of the eight pumps from station service power; the other four pumps were supplied by unit service power. If the workers had known what each other were doing, the meltdown could have been prevented.

Some of the wild animals have started living in the abandoned houses. Grotesque mutations have been reported. Most of the animals will not attack people because they already have enough food. Animals aren’t the only ones who are mutated; people have had some gross deformities too. A really cool thing is the red forest. It is a forest that after the meltdown the trees glowed red from the radiation. If a person walked far enough in they would start to glow. In my opinion the red forest is the most interesting part of Chernobyl.

Last but not least the creepiest part: The town of Kindergarten. The name of the place might not sound creepy, but don’t judge a book by its cover. Kindergarten was clearly once a pretty okay place, but not anymore. Now there are things scattered around like dolls, toys, and other things. Most of the pictures are self-explanatory, but it is extremely creepy. Kindergarten is not a town I would want to go to.

Streamlight Microstream review

A few months ago I got a Streamlight Microstream. I am very happy with the performance it gave me. I put it through the washer four or five times, and it still worked. I went swimming with it and turned it on under water and it worked a lot. The lens was foggy from the inside, but it still worked. I think the reason it finally broke was because of a very much delayed reaction. My only complaints are that it needs more waterproofing, and a better coating, but over all it is a great camping tool, and it is a good flashlight to drag around in the woods. If I were to give it a one to ten rating I would give it an eight. so that would be four out of five stars.