Blogarado costume

At Blogarado I’m not actually dressing up as a Minecraft person with boxes and everything, I will bring minecraft weapons and stuff though. I may or may not post pictures of the costume. I will at least post about Blogarado.

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My youtube channel

I have a youtube channel called epic0217. I already have three or four videos up. the first one I posted isn’t as good as the other ones I have. You should go check it out. I had a lot of fun making the videos with my dad at the state fair. Even if I didn’t know I would upload the two videos of me riding rides. Have fun watching the videos. I hope you enjoy them.

please comment and leave twentieth post-aversery questions in the same place.

N.O.V.A. 2 the Half Life of android devices

I recently got an app on my Kindle Fire, and it was the coolest first person shooter I had ever played. N.O.V.A. 2 is a first person game where you have tons of guns to have fun with. N.O.V.A. stands for near orbit vanguard alliance. The first mode is single player, where the storyline is about escaping the government which is apparently working with aliens. I think there is eventually a level where you get to kill tons of aliens, I look forward to that level. In multiplayer mode you can play with friends or with people worldwide. You can unleash your destructive side by killing every one in sight, you can be like people in team fortress 2 and kill all the people in the other team, you can play freeze tag using guns to stop people in their tracks, or you can play a… not so classic version of capture the flag. There are a LOT of weapons and more ways to use them. I give this app a ten out of ten.

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Twentieth post-aversery II

It’s close to that time again. Christmas? No. Blogarado? No… Well, yes, but I mean on my blog. Twentieth post-aversery? Yes but you already used your two chances so that doesn’t count.

That’s right people, I’m doing it again. Twentieth post-aversery II. I hope you people can get your questions in to me in time for the most second… est twentieth post-aversery than ever before.

Have fun thinking of questions,  and remember, you have plenty of time this time around. By the way, I prefer casual questions. I look forward to answering questions.