Really Scary Dream

The other night I had an extremely scary dream. It was about an urban legend called the Slenderman. The Slenderman is supposedly a man without a face. He is always seen wearing a suit. He abducts children, teenagers, and sometimes adults. The people who were kidnapped were never seen or heard from again. I had a dream about that thing!

My dream started like I had gone into one of my close friends house to take her hunting for the Slenderman. It was at night. We took flashlights with us even though the night was well light by the moon. We went to a park near my house. We were hunting for him for a few minutes when we decided to take a break. It was a nice day and a warm night so we biked around. When we took the break, we walked over to the small cooler in the basket mounted on the front of my friend’s bike. I pulled out two waters, gave her one, and opened the other. I had just finished my water when we brushed over the Slenderman with our flashlights.

The moon did light the night well, but it was not quite enough to see this, thing. I instantly pointed my flashlight there, but it was too late, the Slenderman had gone somewhere else. I said “He’s either not interested in us, or coming closer to claim his next victims.” he were walking around shining our flashlights around cautiously when I found him again. The moment I saw him, the flashlight locked on him. I had caught him. I quickly reached for my cell phone and took a picture. I wasn’t sure if anyone would believe me that the picture was real, but I had to try.

I reached for my knife because he was moving forward, it was slow, but I realized I was under the effect other people had when this close to the Slenderman. I quickly shook it off. I ran forward and slashed with my knife. I managed to  strike his arm with a large amount of force. A white glowing crack appeared on his arm. He ran to do something else. I somehow knew he would back down the moment I was a threat to him. My friend and I were looking around to see if he was still around when we decided to bike back to her house.

I had always liked to hang out with her at her house. It was nice to talk to one of my old friends. We decided to talk to each other on the back porch. we walked out and turned the light on and there was the Slenderman. If he had a face, it would be beaming with anger. The long white crack was still on his arm. I knew we would have to fight with him to the death and hope that he would lose. I tried to sound brave saying “Tonight, you will no longer be able to take people. I will stop you, I know I can win. I know you will lose, but I need to actually do it in order to prove myself.” I had a speech, and I had no idea I was rambling on until my friend was tearing up. She started clapping, but the Slenderman was walking away because he was so bored of my speech.

He must have finally realized I was done because he turned around so quickly that if he had kept it up you wouldn’t even notice he didn’t have a face. I looked at him where his eyes were supposed to be and said “Let’s finish this.” He went toward me. this time, he was extremely fast. I managed to pull my knife out for a second time that night. I slashed at his other arm. Another white crack appeared, but this time there was a hole in his arm. He looked down at it and back up to me. He quickly came at me a second time. I stroke down with my knife. it slammed in the perfect center of his knee. Cracks covered his leg and my friend cringed at how much it must have hurt. He gripped his leg and looked at me. I knew he was in pain. In fact, I almost felt sorry for him.

He fell over, grasping his leg as hard as he could. I let him have a moment before we returned to battle. “He had never been hurt before and this is how much he gets hurt now?”, I thought. The porch light went out. I couldn’t see him well enough to strike. he was coming closer and closer. Somehow, my friend had gotten a new lightbulb and replaced the old one in the nick of time. I now saw him well enough to use my knife. I gripped it and stroke at where his face should have been as I kicked my right leg. I heard cracking on his other leg and a couple chunks fell from his head. he backed up in shock.

He looked at my friend. She said “If looks could kill.” I would have laughed had we not been in these conditions. He ran forward and almost killed my friend. I lunged in front of him and drove my knife as hard as I could into the center of his chest and he shattered into a million pieces. I looked down at my knife which somehow now looked like new. I looked down at the pieces of Slenderman. No. Where the pieces would have been. They disappeared as soon as they hit the ground. I felt my heart beating as fast as it ever had. I barely worked out a sentence “Not today, not on my watch.” Those were apparently the magic words for me to unfreeze. As I retracted the blade on my knife I heard a sigh of relief from the both of us.

Later on  I had a vision in my dream where the Slenderman was off in the distance. At an extremely high speed, he seemed to slide up to my face somehow saying “This isn’t the end. That was the final straw. I woke up from this dream in a cold sweat. This is the scariest dream I’ve ever had.

Slow motion internet

I woke up this morning like I usually do. My dad opened the door and said “Good morning”. I said “morning”, as usual. I took the dog out so she could do her business. When I came back inside I turned my computer on. It seemed to be working just fine, until I pulled up Mozilla Firefox. It took a minute to load my homepage and it just went downhill from there. I opened up one of the courses in my OLS screen and it instantly popped the window up. I thought for a second that my computer had decided to be slow for a second. I was very much wrong. When I went to a Class Connect, the connection timed out several times and I had to reconnect, and reconnect, and reconnect. It wasn’t terribly annoying because it didn’t do it as soon as I had connected, but a few minutes after the Class Connect, my internet connection decided to work the way I like it to. I was so annoyed that in my head, I screamed “HOLY CRAP! WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST WORK BEFORE!?”. Instead of saying it out loud, I decided to just take a second, close my eyes, and let out a huge sigh. I am still very glad The internet connection is working now. I think it not working before had something to do with the storm.

Wool Riders

When I was running around with a family relative, I passed by a trailer that had a kids’ activity that I had never seen. It was a wool riding thing. On the side of the trailer, it said WRO Wool Riders Only. You may not yet realize what a wool rider is. I didn’t know what they were or even that they existed until I saw this. My reaction: Hhhmmm, wool riders, what’s a wool ri… THEY’RE RIDING SHEEP!!! When I walked up there, I saw the sheep standing around patiently, waiting for kids to come and ride them. I took pictures with my phone, but unfortunately, I don’t have a micro SD to SD adapter. The wool rider trailer was the funniest thing I had seen all day.

Fredrick Douglass

Fredrick Douglass
Fredrick Douglass was born February 20, 1818 with the name Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey. He was born a slave, but he escaped and did many things like become an abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. (Wikipedia) He was raised by his grandmother Betsy Bailey where he was born. (Fredrick Douglass timeline) Fredrick Douglass once told a group of African American children: “What was possible for me is possible for you. Do not think because you are colored you cannot accomplish anything. Strive earnestly to add to your knowledge. So long as you remain in ignorance, so long will you fail to command the respect of your fellow men.” (America’s Library)
Fredrick Douglass was a great man, he is not mentioned much in most history books I have read, but he did great things. He was separated from his mother at birth, and didn’t see her much, but on some nights she would come to sleep with him to comfort him. (Wikipedia Fredrick Douglass timeline) He wrote several Autobiographies in his life time one of the more popular ones was Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass. (Wikipedia) In 1824, he moved to a plantation on Wye River. In 1825 he saw his mother for the last time, because in 1826, she died. (Fredrick Douglass timeline)
Fredrick Douglass described his escape from slavery in one of his autobiographies. He took a train ride dressed as a sailor. He had a red shirt, a tarpaulin hat, and a scarf tied loosely around his neck. The next part of his disguise was his knowledge of ships; he had to know everything about ships there was to know. He needed the “free paperwork” that every black person in the United Stated had. He got papers for the protection of all sailors; they showed that he was indeed a citizen of the US. This is how the conversation went when the conductor reached Douglass in the crowded train car.
“I suppose you have your free papers?”
“No sir; I never carry my free papers to sea with me.”
“But you have something to show that you are a freeman, haven’t you?”
“Yes, sir, I have a paper with the American eagle on it, and that will carry me around the world.” If this man had looked more closely at the paper, then he would have seen that the name didn’t match Fredrick Douglass’s name and he wouldn’t have escaped. (America’s Library)
After Fredrick Douglass escaped from slavery he decided to become an abolitionist leader. He published a newspaper in New York called The North Star. He named it this because when slaves escaped, they followed the North Star. Douglass also held lectures on freedom. Even though he was a well known abolitionist, he was still subject to the laws separating “colored” people from “white” people. When he had to sit in the back of buses and trains, his hosts would feel sorry for him. He would say: “Gentlemen, by ignoble actions I may degrade myself, but nothing and no man can degrade Frederick Douglass.” Douglass is known today for his speaking ability. He inspired the crowd that he spoke to, but he wasn’t always confident enough to speak to thousands of people. First he was asked to talk about his experiences as a slave, he was nervous at first, but then he was much surer about his ability to speak in front of a crowd. He kept in touch with many, many other abolitionists. (America’s library)
Most African Americans were willing to fight in the civil war, but Abraham Lincoln wasn’t sure if it was right to enlist black people in the military. He consulted Fredrick Douglass on the issue he helped convince Abraham Lincoln that it was okay to let them be in the military. On the 1st of January, 1863, Abraham Lincoln released an Emancipation Proclamation making all slaves free and allowing them to sign up for the military. By the end of that war, over one hundred thousand African American men had joined the military. Douglass recruited men in all regions of the US, signing many African Americans up for the Union Army. He signed two of his sons up for this army. The both joined the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. This army was made of colored people fighting an incredibly harsh battle. Douglass’s third youngest son, who wrote to his father while he was in the army. In one letter Charles said he heard that “the colored people were rushing into Philadelphia and that yourself and . . . others were doing all you could for them.” (American Library)

These are the sources I used because I didn’t feel like going through and linking all the things I needed to link.


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