MLP: FiM Fanmade species: Celestial Being

Through the course of being in the Brony fandom, I’ve noticed that many people like to make their own species of pony not canon to the show. I am one of said people as I’ve made quite an interesting species known as a celestial being.

Originally, my concept of celestial beings was a collection of MLP characters that had a view of space inside them. Their eyes were the only thing with color beyond space and even those had stars in them. All of them had immense power and were mysterious beings. Only a few of them existed, and only one had been seen.

In the second concept of celestial beings, I was a lot more detailed with them. I created two separate types of celestial beings. Legendary types are essentially the original concept for celestial beings. They’re immensely powerful and know more than most ponies. Common types are the other type of celestial being. They’re like normal ponies aside from the looks. They’re also more powerful depending on their race(Earth, unicorn, pegasus, alicorn)

Celestial beings all must hibernate to maintain their magic which provides their extra strengths. There are 2 types of hibernation for them: Light and heavy. In light hibernation, a celestial being becomes a galaxy. This form can toggle within hours. In heavy hibernation, due to the being needing more energy to maintain the larger size of a galaxy, the celestial being becomes a nebula. This takes days to get in and out of as they also have to pass through the light stage.

Common type celestial beings have different strengths depending on what type of pony they are in the RP series.

Earth ponies are physically stronger and faster.

Unicorns have much more powerful magic.

Pegasi have the strongest wings.

Alicorns are actually physically the weakest of the common types, but they have a natural perception magic that makes them extremely intelligent.

Legendary types are all alicorns and have the perks of all the types of common types combined.

I was looking at the legendary types and realized that they are fairly overpowered and it would be simple for one with poor intentions to take out whole planets in a single sweep, so I did put some limitations on them. Legendary type celestial beings cannot kill anything aside from other legendary type celestial beings directly, or else they would die as well. This also goes for directly hurting them. However, legendary types can kill them indirectly. Let’s say two legendary types are having a battle and some of the lethal magic splash kills other ponies. The celestial beings wouldn’t die. Or if a legendary type celestial being was somehow thrown and fell on top of anther pony, killing them(because usually, legendary types are far larger than other ponies, but still proportionate, though) they would be fine. If another pony were to start attacking them, they could use a counter shield to return the attacks automatically and their opponent would essentially be killing themselves.

Any celestial being that has ill intentions can easily be caught as evil celestial beings have black holes inside them. These black holes disappear when the celestial being leaves ill intentions behind.

Most legendary types cannot be killed like normal ponies. They can be hurt through those means if they don’t expect it, but not killed. One can, however, kill a legendary type by tricking them into directly hurting a pony who isn’t another legendary type.

Celestial beings, both legendary and common types, can be used as vessels for magic amplification if they consent. Legendary types can use other legendary types as vessels, but if they directly kill other ponies with it, both will die. But a normal pony or common type can directly kill ponies when using a legendary type as a vessel.

Legendary types can teleport immense distances, but the further the distance, the more tax on their magic stamina it takes. If there are magical locks or other forms of interference, they will also have to get past that.

Some celestial beings have a layer of stars above their skin visible to the naked eye. This usually shows that their magic stamina is very full. Some also have rings of stars around their bodies. These can show age, but they’re usually there because they’ve reached a point of magic power that gives them the ring. Celestial beings can create armor out of stars on themselves. Each piece takes a day to create and each piece is good for about three good hits from anything.

Now you know everything there is to know about celestial beings. They make for very interesting characters and they come out really cool when drawn.

Underrated video games

There are so many underrated video games out there which really deserve recognition for the hard work put into them and their mark of quality. Many of the games are simply not recognized due to their platform or the company that made them. There are AAA games and indie games alike that don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

Not the least of said games is one exclusively on the PS3. The game is called Journey. It’s somewhat of a singleplayer game but also somewhat of an MMO. You play as a non-distinct character in a red cloak with a set of glowing golden eyes and a scarf that can make them fly. The gameplay is perfect and feels smooth and it’s fun. The visuals are some of the most stunning ones I’ve seen in a game. There is no dialogue in the game, but it has a rich story that can only be fully experienced when the game is played.

The next game on this list is a Nintendo RPG known as Mother 3. If any of you know about Earthbound, Mother 3 is the next game in the series. The game was only released in Japan and features great sprite design, interesting characters, great themes, amazing music, and a great story. It has an interesting combat system that actually combines rhythm games with RPG’s. This game is available on the Gameboy Advance.

Dead Space Mobile has to be one of the weirdest games on this list. EA actually went out and decided to make a Dead Space game that you can play on a phone or tablet. Instead of just porting Dead Space to mobile and calling it a day, they actually went through the trouble of making an entirely new Dead Space game specifically for the mobile gamers. This one has great visuals, a good story, great sound design, and it’s nearly bug free. It’s a great sci-fi horror as well as a fun action game. It uses things like achievements and the new game + feature to make the game very replayable and fun to do so. Once you unlock enough achievements, you can look at the concept art. This game really shows that EA isn’t just some random company rolling in their money and pumping out a new game every few months.

Mirror’s Edge is a multi-platform action platformer/shooter in the first person. Most people cringe at first person and platformer being put into the same sentence, but the platforming in Mirror’s Edge is surprisingly fun. The game is fast paced and definitely a change of pace from the slow and dark games that populate the industry now. I don’t know much about the story aside from the fact that it’s a disutopian story that doesn’t yet have a resolution. But where the game shines is that platforming. It’s one of the more fun platformers I’ve played, which is really saying something especially since it’s first person.

STRAFE SpeedZone is a free indie game a friend linked me to on a few months ago. This game is like Doom. A LOT like Doom. Only in STRAFE, there are more enemies, smoother controls, and it’s a whole lot more fun. The game doesn’t have a story, at this point in development. All I know is that it’s a sci-fi action with fast paced gameplay and some really cool mechanics. The game isn’t story driven, and it sure as heck isn’t anything special seeing the graphics. It’s music is cool, but that’s not what makes it special either. The gameplay is the smoothest FPS gameplay I’ve experienced and they did that part nearly flawlessly. But I will say that the game is hard. Like, really hard. It’s hard to get past the first level. Good thing you get infinite ammo.

SCP: Containment Breach is probably the most recognizable game on this list. It’s a free horror game that doesn’t take place in a specified time frame. The story isn’t much to look at, as it’s more of an explanation of what happens than anything, but it’s an amazing horror game and definitely deserves to be played. The gameplay is somewhat average for a first person game, but the atmosphere and villains are perfect in how threatening they are. The graphics aren’t top notch, but they’re passable. There are also many easter eggs and other things to find in the game which make it worth playing completely through, and it’s hard to see everything in one playthrough. But it is a challenge to play. This game does deserve a remaster, as with next-gen graphics and animation, the game would be absolutely terrifying and an amazing one to play.

OpenSpades is an indie online FPS that combines Counter-Strike with Minecraft in a very well executed and surprisingly smooth looking way. The game is a team based shooter based mostly on construction and destruction of environments and it forces you to think about how to approach the enemy base. Spraying and Preying will get you nowhere, but strategy will make you succeed. There are just enough servers and players of this game that it just barely has a challenge due to the players. But that’s quite a challenge. There are some skilled players in this game. You’d be surprised. This game can be found free on Game Jolt and I recommend it to advanced FPS gamers and even beginners. The combat, building, and destructible environment make it interesting and even the guns feel polished in how they shoot.

Inverto is another free Game Jolt game still in alpha. It has an interesting visual style, good gameplay, and a cool setting. But what’s cool about this game is the main item. The gravity gun in this game is nothing like the one from Half-Life 2. This gun fires lasers that reverse the flow of gravity when they touch specific panels. The game has about 20 levels that all make you think. The game might make you a little bit motion sick, though. There’s a lot of turning of the camera that gives a feeling of a lot of movement. The game’s design takes heavy inspiration from Portal and it feels like a fangame.