Slow motion internet

I woke up this morning like I usually do. My dad opened the door and said “Good morning”. I said “morning”, as usual. I took the dog out so she could do her business. When I came back inside I turned my computer on. It seemed to be working just fine, until I pulled up Mozilla Firefox. It took a minute to load my homepage and it just went downhill from there. I opened up one of the courses in my OLS screen and it instantly popped the window up. I thought for a second that my computer had decided to be slow for a second. I was very much wrong. When I went to a Class Connect, the connection timed out several times and I had to reconnect, and reconnect, and reconnect. It wasn’t terribly annoying because it didn’t do it as soon as I had connected, but a few minutes after the Class Connect, my internet connection decided to work the way I like it to. I was so annoyed that in my head, I screamed “HOLY CRAP! WHY DIDN’T YOU JUST WORK BEFORE!?”. Instead of saying it out loud, I decided to just take a second, close my eyes, and let out a huge sigh. I am still very glad The internet connection is working now. I think it not working before had something to do with the storm.

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