Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been trying to do school work but now it’s summer. I have already done a few things that I will get to in just a minute. I have a new video posted on my youtube channel, if you guys don’t already know, it’s epic0217. I will have some more videos up at the end of the week. Today I made some stuff out of duct tape and foam. The first thing I made was a foam sword. It could have come out a lot better. If you guys watch the video of me making it at the end of the week, there are three things for you to remember that I didn’t. DON’T RUSH THROUGH IT. If you rush through making the sword, you will not end up with a good looking one. CUT THE FOAM ACCURATELY. I didn’t cut the foam very well and the hand guard wasn’t quite right. PLACE THE TAPE WISELY. My sword resembled a piece of crap because I didn’t place it right.

Another thing that I made was a TARDIS from Doctor Who. I am using it as a decoration and I could have put another layer of foam in it. It turned out fairly well as a decoration and I meant for it to be a TARDIS stress ball, but it turned out more like a TARDIS sport ball. I guess I can play dodge-TARDIS now. This creation will end up in most of my videos showing up in the background of the frames.

I also made an opening TARDIS and I think it turned out rather well. It has a few rough edges and I could have sized the roof better, but I have an opening TARDIS container now. I will get another fiberglass rod from Tractor Supply Co. next time I make it by there. I will eventually remake the Master sword, but it will not be the next sword I make.

I have a small length of fiberglass that I will use to make a knife. Hopefully it’ll turn out better than my sword did. I  hope you guys enjoy my videos.

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