My new drawing tablet

This weekend I got to open one of my Christmas presents from a grandparent early. In the gift was a drawing tablet. Let me tell you, these things are cool. You use a pen stylus to draw things that you can’t with a mouse. Sounds great, right? Yeah, it is great, but I can’t draw much with it. Wanna know what I can draw with it?

Thumbs Up Thing

I can draw this… what ever this is… Let’s see if I can make it look better…

Thumbs Up Thing2

Yeah, that’s a little bit better… his beak-mouth-thing should be longer though…

Thumbs Up Thing3

There we go, now he’s looking better… I added in some nostrils for good measure. Too much? Yeah, you’re right. I’ll take them out.

Thumbs Up Thing4

That’s great. Who needs a well rendered smooth and beautiful looking drawing when you have this random thumbs up… thing with shaky lines? That’s right, nobody. What’s this? You have a beautifully painted digital art? PFFT! Who needs those when you can have a crappy rage-comics-esque character? Yep, this is obviously the future of art and I’m definitely not making any kind of joke about anything. I could even paste this guy on stuff.


There we go, that looks great. Best photobomb ever. Hey… doesn’t he look a bit like the guy on the Fallout logo?


Ex-freakin-actly. Look at that. Just slap the guy on the cover of Fallout 5 and Bethdesa’s got a new game being planned out. Wait… Aren’t there explosions in Fallout?


It’s confirmed! This is the new face of Fallout 5! You thought it couldn’t go anywhere else… but look at this mark of quality! Look at how amazing the new mascot is! You should be getting used to seeing this guy a lot, Fallout fans! Because he’s your new PipBoy interface! No more Vault Boy graphic. This guy will guide you through. But in the end, he’ll betray you… because he’s evil or something…

Thumbs Up Thing_evil

See? Look how evil he is. That’s like the spawn of satan right there… What? Not evil enough for you? Let’s draw in some angry eyebrows… and fangs…

Thumbs Up Thing_evil2

I’ve created a monster… I’m sorry… I’m so, so sorry…

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