The Undertale Fandom

There’s a new growing fandom on the internet of an extremely detailed indie RPG known as Undertale. This fandom has people of all varieties and has fan art on nearly every single website. This art consists of fanmade songs, pictures, comics, animations, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were fans dedicated enough to make games that take place in the same universe.

It’s nearly impossible to browse sites like Facebook without finding at least one picture from or about the game. There are spoilers for the game left and right and likely fanmade guides. I didn’t understand the game’s following as much before, but my dad and I started watching a playthrough on YouTube, and we got hooked.

The game is a new type of RPG with an interesting battle system. There is an option to kill enemies or make friends with them. There are multiple ways to get through the game that have different stories, characters, and likely, even endings. According to the internet, the two most popular ways to play it are Genocide, where you kill every enemy in the game, and Pacifist, where you make friends with every enemy in the game.

I’ve been told by some of my internet friends that depending on which of the two styles you play with, you play as two different characters. The character you play as when using the Genocide style is a ruthless girl named Chara, who terrorizes the underworld and kills everything. The pacifist is a girl called Frisk, who makes friends with the monsters and if the indication toward the beginning of the game is correct, unites humans and monsters.

There are a few characters important to the story which have lots and lots of humor. Sans is a short skeleton with a plethora of bad pun and an ability to teleport. He cracks many jokes and his text signifying his speech and writing is Comic Sans. He himself is a pun. He’s a comic named Sans. Papyrus is the taller, older brother of Sans. You guessed it, his font is Papyrus. Papyrus is obsessed with catching Frisk(or Chara) up until the battle with him. Then he’s used for humor and moving the story forward.

Undyne is a fish lady in armor who thinks Frisk(or Chara) needs to be killed to provide a way for the monsters to see the surface again. She puts up a good fight in battle unless you run away and run her across a lava bridge where she collapses and you can give her water and have her leave you alone. I don’t know what happens if you don’t give her water. I’ve tried to avoid spoilers for the most part.

The game takes so much inspiration from the Mother/Earthbound series, it could be seen as a game in the same universe. The game is packed full of similar themes, and even references to Mother/Earthbound. It even has a fantastic soundtrack that takes craptons of inspiration from Nintendo(and Square Enix) in general.

I definitely see why the game has such a huge following and am looking forward to seeing further in the game. It has so much personality that it’s fun just to see a little bit of it. The creator of the game put so much love and care into their project that the game shows definite quality to it. If only they could fix the funky hit boxes. Anyway, since it’s apparently a requirement or something for artists who are fans of the game to draw some art for it, let’s do this…


It’s Frisk! Sorta…

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