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Hey guys, time for another review, but this time it’s on something extremely popular. Super Mario Galaxy is a video game that has many realistic things… other than all the concepts. I really like the way the water looks because it looks like real water unless your in it. The storyline is really awesome, unlike the other Mario games where Bowser kidnaps the princess for some odd reason. He violently invites her to the creation of a new galaxy in the center of the universe and brings her and the castle into space to see it. Mario then plays hide and seek with star shaped creatures called lumas. when Mario catches the last luma, he meets princess Rosalina, who gives him a luma so he can travel through the universe by spinning on star shaped objects called sling stars and launch stars. There is a two player mode that isn’t as good as the other Mario games where two people can play at the same time, but I guess it’s okay. In two player mode the second player collects money, freezes enemies and can make Mario jump. Most of the enemies are annoying, there is the: Goomba, bullet bill, little awkward looking Goomba things that come in pink and blue, Koopas, and magic Koopas. There are fat lumas that  are holding wands in each hand, and if you feed them, they commit suicide by exploding and turning into galaxies. Over all I think the people who made the game were either Japanese or on drugs, or quite possibly both. Even though the game is frustrating at times it is a good one. In a one to ten rating I give it a ten, so that is five stars.

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  1. Welcome new galaxy! (at the end of the first Galaxy). Most people, including me, think that Galaxy 2 takes place 100 years after Galaxy, but some think that it begins where Galaxy ended.Mario games, like Zelda games, doesn’t have a timeline, but Miyamoto might tell us the answer to our question some day, maybe in the Nintendo Magazine.

  2. I think galaxy 2 takes place maybe a few years after galaxy because really, I doubt an Italian plumber could live a hundred years, even if he could, he wouldn’t look exactly the same as he did before.

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