Three more chances

Counting this post There are only three more chances to enter in your questions and I post a lot when I post. I will have the other blog posts in by next week, so if you want your question for me answered, then the deadline is coming soon. In the warning posts I will have a frequently asked questions section, but I haven’t had any FAQs yet so I guess I’ll use not frequently asked questions.


What if I think of my question right after the twentieth post is posted?

Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask the question, if you can’t ask your question in time, wait for the next twentieth  post-aversity.

What if my question isn’t answered?

All questions will be answered no matter how many are posted, so go ahead and ask a question. I promise it will be answered.

what kind of questions do you answer?

I answer all kinds of questions, so don’t limit yourself to one kind of question.

What if I have more than one question?

Go ahead ask more than one question! I am completely fine with answering more than one question from the same person.

please leave your twentieth post-aversity questions in the comments.

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